All self-employed workers and workers who quit their job as a result of COVID-19 are some who are eligible for unemployment benefits.

The law allows individuals to claim unemployment benefits for an  extended period of time and waives the typical one-week waiting period to start receiving benefits.

Weekly unemployment benefit payouts are increased by $600.




The law revives the “Emergency Unemployment Compensation” program for 13 additional weeks on top of states’ standard programs, meaning that if your state’s usual benefit period for unemployment payments is 26 weeks, you could receive up to 39 weeks with this federally funded extension.


Federal funds will be distributed to state unemployment agencies, and all benefits will be administered through your state. Each state may require different supporting documentation; find your state here.


To apply as an independent contractor be sure to have your 2018 or 2019 tax return information available. If you are considered self-employed by the location you work for but do not receive a 1099 or pay your own taxes you are misclassified. If you are an Esthetics Council member, contact us and we can direct you to the correct place to report your situation.

Below is an example from Colorado on what you could possibly expect.